More Four (2017)

Premiere performance

Farnham Festival

More House Big Band

Conducted by Mark Place

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Great Hall, Farnham Maltings

Farnham, Surrey

Inspiration for this work is drawn from the spies and private eyes crime jazz genre of the 1960s and '70s, where composers on both sides of the Atlantic combined swing and Latino styles to create a hard-hitting yet effortlessly cool sound canvas for the anti-heroes

on celluloid.


The work is in four sections and is scored for a jazz big band of five saxophones (two altos, two tenors and one baritone), four trumpets, four trombones (three tenors and one bass), and a rhythm section of piano, guitar, bass guitar, drum-kit, congas and additional percussion (cabasa, claves, guiro, mark tree, shaker, tambourine, triangle, and finger snaps).



More Four was commissioned for Farnham Festival 2018 in memory of Raymond and Eileen Krish, co-founders of the Festival, by their children Jonathan (and his wife Gil), Felicity and Jane.


The composer would like to thank the Krish family and the Farnham Festival for commissioning the work; and Jean Hasse for her musical assistance and help with preparation of the performance materials.

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