A major four-part wildlife series for National Geographic International. The series is produced by Ian Marsh, with directors Laura Smith, Simon Williams, Tania Dorrity, and Ian Marsh. Series Consultant is Amanda Theunissen and the programme is narrated by Joseph Paterson.

One of Europe's last great wildernesses, Scandinavia is a realm of epic contrasts where ancient mountains meet lush forest, and the land is torn apart by fire and ice. Episodes: 1 Reborn, 2 Furious Life, 3 At The Edge, and 4 Ultimate Survivors.


Nordic Wild

     National Geographic International

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"Will is a talented composer, conductor and musical director, as well as being a warm. empathetic person who is great company.

Our collaboration was inspiring and enjoyable, and the music he composed for my film complemented the images and enhanced the story.

I hope we'll get another opportunity to work together very soon."

Tania Dorrity, Producer Programme 3 At The Edge.

"Will is a polished, creative composer, with a strong sense of what's required for programme making.

He is a very rare combination: a creative who manages deadlines and delivers to schedule."

Alison Bradburn, Head of Production, Parthenon Entertainment, Bristol.

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