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Attention, a very important point! Most people believe that they buy land and real estate according to the laws of the state. But, based on the understanding of the term “state”, real estate is bought according to the law of the current government of the territory, which calls itself the state

The more unstable the power of the ruler, the more investment risks the purchase of real estate under the laws of this ruler carries. When power changes, the “rules of the game” often change as well. Therefore, in order to assess the risks of buying real estate in a certain country, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the history of this country and determine how stable the current political system is.

The State as a Developer and the City as an Investment Project. A competent government creates all the conditions for the growth of real estate values. As the cost rises, so does the taxable base.

By stimulating demand for real estate, you increase its value and government revenue. Such examples are clearly demonstrated by a number of countries: Cyprus, Latvia, Montenegro, Croatia.



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