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City University London | Talk

William Goodchild was invited to share professional working practice with students at City University London. The morning was spent with Music undergraduates looking at composing for film and television. The session took the form of a lecture illustrated with film clips and audio examples from a recent BBC Natural World commission.  In the afternoon, William gave a seminar to postgraduate composition students on orchestration, score and parts production, and preparing for and running a recording session. A range of different ensembles was discussed from full symphony orchestra on projects like Nature's Great Events (BBC), through chamber orchestra (Ganges, BBC) to string quartet (Catching the Impossible, Independent). The full range of an orchestrator's task was investigated, from basic transcription to extended realisations. Subjects such as working from electronic sketches, preparation of click and backing tracks, preparation of cue sheets, and rehearsing and recording an ensemble were also discussed. 


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