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Kora Concerto | For Orchestra

On 18 June 2016 Bristol Symphony Orchestra performed the Concerto for Kora and Orchestra at St George’s Bristol. Pixillion produced a six-minute film documenting the collaboration between composer/ conductor William Goodchild and composer/ kora player Mamadou Cissokho. The film begins when the two first met for a jam session in February through to the final concert in July. The work affirms the power of music as an important tool for communication, unhindered by barriers of language and culture – forging new relationships between people from different backgrounds and traditions.

Credits and technical information: Directed by Remco Merbis Narrative by Anna Hoghton Cinematography, grade and edit by Remco Merbis.

High Sheriff Concert

Bristol Symphony Orchestra

Concert for Bristol's High Sheriff 2016, Helen Wilde

Concerto for Kora and Orchestra, commissioned by Bristol's High Sheriff Helen Wilde and composed byWilliam GoodchildandMamadou Cissokho. The concert premiere took place on Saturday 18 June 2016 at St George's Bristol.  The work was performed by Mamadou Cissokho, kora, andBristol Symphony Orchestra, conducted by William Goodchild.


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