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WWF-UK Living Planet Centre

William Goodchild has recently worked with WWF-UK at its brand new UK headquarters called The Living Planet Centre (LPC). LPC is home to the WWF Experience - an exciting interactive exhibition that brings to life the secrets of the natural world, and the threats it faces.

At the heart of the WWF Experience are four interactive architect-designed zones with audio-visuals, each focussing on one key theme: forests, rivers, oceans and wildlife. Each zone allows you to experience first hand the sights, sounds and sometimes the smells of their diverse natural environments. The zones, designed by Jason Bruges Studio, feature films from the wild, enhanced with a soundtrack by award-winning composer William Goodchild (Wild Russia, Miracle in the Marshes of Iraq, Jungle Gremlins of Java) and legendary sound designer Kate Hopkins (Frozen Planet, Wild China). The principal challenge in terms of music and sound was created by the fact that the zones are not soundproofed. The wooden structures are speakers, with music and sound being conveyed to each via a feonic transmitter. Additionally, the music and sound within each zone, along with the visual footage, is triggered when a person enters the zone. It was therefore necessary to create four pieces of music that would work either individually or together in any combination when randomly triggered by people entering the zones. The Living Planet Centre and WWF Visitor Experience were opened by Sir David Attenborough in November 2013.


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