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H2O - The Molecule that Made Us


August 2021


Following the series premier on PBS in the States on Earth Day 2020, Molecule has come to the U.K. and broadcasts on the BBC from Wednesday 25th August 2021 at 9pm. Link to BBC page: HERE


Best Limited Series (long form) Award, Jackson Wild 2020

Best Series Award, Wildscreen 2020


August 2019

This series takes viewers on an incredible journey celebrating our relationship with one of the most essential molecules in our universe: water. Over the course of three one-hour films, PBS’s dynamic line-up of experts explore our shared past, present, and future through the lens of this extraordinary molecule. In addition to the broadcast and a dedicated website on, H2O - the Molecule that Made Us presents a multiplatform experience, entertaining and educating on social media, and in the classroom through teaching materials and student resources. 

The series is a Passion Planet Production, produced by David Allen and Catherine Watling, and directed by Nicolas Brown and Alex Tate. Narration is by Kelly McEvers and the music is composed and produced by William Goodchild.

The series broadcasts from April 2020 on PBS.

Courtney Hartman

For the Series Titles music, William worked with Colorado singer/ songwriter and guitarist, Courtney Hartman, recording Courtney at J and J Studio with music producer and bassist, Jim Barr.


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